Qin Xing machinery into thousands of large and medium-sized enterprises

Efficient and durable products, thoughtful and professional service

Qin Xing machinery win is thousand customers consistent high praise


Qin Xing machinery FOR BIG ADVANTAGE

Guarantee to provide you with quality crushing equipment one-stop service


40 years precipitation technology, tailored one-stop service

40 anniversary of the founding of the company, has been engaged in the research and development and manufacture of crushing machinery

High degree of specialization, product quality is stable

Quality from the inside out, we are layers of the accused

Strictly control the research and development, creative design, product quality and after-sales service

With high quality and efficiency, pay attention to every detail in project execution


Professional production team, perfect quality control

Let every customer trust, worry and peace of mind, to ensure 100% qualified products

The introduction of more than 10 sets of advanced production equipment, assembly line work

7x24 hours fast response

Provide product 1 10-year-old, 24 hours to provide you with after-sales service and technical guidance

Its own logistics team, ensure that every batch of goods delivery on time, more intimate with good quality



Shaanxi pucheng QinXing construction machinery Co., LTD.

Is the production of mining machinery, mechanical engineering excavation of specialized factory, has three years production history. I plant was built in 1975, 2004 enterprise restructuring as"shaanxi pucheng QinXing construction machinery Co., LTD",

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